Let fear be your COMPASS

I work with like-minded people and organisations who don’t want to settle for just being “ok” in life, people who are open minded, curious and who are committed to doing what is necessary to achieve desired results, taking their lives and careers to new (and sustainable) highs. I work with people who recognise the need to embrace change in order to hit these highs and understand that this process of change is generally never easy or comfortable for them.

I will work in partnership with you; this is fundamental to everything that I do. I cannot wave a magic wand; it will be you that does the hard work because you have made a conscious decision that this is the right thing to do to achieve what you desire.

This partnership will be based on the following key principles:

Mutual trust and respect
Professionalism and objectivity
Absolute confidentiality
Solutions and results focused
Sense of humour (yes, we will laugh a lot)

To achieve sustainable and life changing results, I will work with you to identify what is really holding you back in your career or life. The key point is that it will be you who recognizes what is really holding you back as it is only when you take complete ownership of this fact that you can move forward.

Some of the key areas I will focus on are:

Your own vision for your life
Your core values
Your core beliefs, both limiting and empowering
Your needs
Your level of conscious awareness
Your level of energetic engagement and awareness

In partnership with you, using a number of powerful and scientifically proven tools, techniques and other exercises, we will then start to unpack these for you and set out a road map with clear objectives and outcomes.

I work with people individually (typically on 50 minute skype calls) and in teams by delivering tailor made workshops.

Please click here to contact me and arrange an initial consultation or discuss your requirements.

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