Finding your WHO

Simon Hodges

My Philosophy

I believe that we create our own reality in life and that we always have a choice in any given moment as to how we choose to show up, how we engage, how we react and what lessons we take from our life experiences to then learn and put into practice.

The irony is that we are all born with an innate understanding of who we are and what life is all about, living truly in the moment and just experiencing life without judgment. Generally speaking that’s why children have a whole lot more fun than we seem to!

Over the years however, we all tend to collect quite a bit of emotional baggage as we consciously and subconsciously learn behaviours as a result of interaction with people in our day to day lives and environment. This emotional baggage can feel just as heavy as real luggage and some of us are really great at collecting a lot of bags! Over time we start to view the world and the people in it through a distorted lens, which becomes our version of the truth and our reality.

The path to success is in first recognising the above and then making a conscious decision to re-connect to who we really are (our TRUE WHO) and to drop all those heavy bags we are carrying The great news is that we can do all this if we are brave, honest and determined enough to do something about it.

The best analogy I can use is that it’s like being an addict who decides he / she wants to kick the habit. On some level, we all get addicted to being who we have become rather than who we really are. Just like breaking any addiction, which is really just an engrained pattern of behaviour, it is not enough to talk the talk, we have to learn to walk the walk if we truly want to break free and go on to fulfil our potential in complete alignment with who we were born to be.

About Simon

The reason I have the philosophy today that I do is because I have continually learnt things the hard way in life, by default rather than design! Yes, the harsher critics amongst you might say I have been a slow learner but this is also why I have now truly (and deeply) learned some of these key life lessons and why I feel super qualified to help you shortcut your own path to salvation!

My addiction in life and deeply engrained pattern of behavior was to drive myself harder and harder believing that “life is a struggle and there can be no gain without pain”. Whenever I found myself in a position when life seemed to be abundant and flowing, I would find a way to self-sabotage and bring myself back into a realm of more pain.

So you will not be surprised to read that for the majority of my last 45 years on this planet, I have been a “Type A” perfectionist, an anxious stressor achiever who has collected a lot of “ticks in the boxes on my CV” (see below) but without ever truly finding that sense of inner peace, contentment and connection with my TRUE WHO.

That is not to say I have any regrets as I know that I am right where I need to be just now, not a moment too soon and not a moment too late either!

It would also be fair to say that for many years I have been fascinated in human psychology (how our minds work) and have read more “self help” books than I dare to admit and over the last few years I have been on an accelerated journey of self-discovery culminating recently in my completion of life coach training with iPEC.

In summary, my passion is helping people live their very best lives and shortcutting the process to achieve this. Achieving success, whatever this means to you, doesn’t have to be a painful, protracted and elusive process. In fact, it can be much more effortless and achievable than you may currently think. And the same principles apply to whatever aspect of your life you want to work on, be it career, relationships, personal development, spirituality, wellbeing or finances.

Finally, as promised for any other “box tickers” out there, here is a bit more of my relevant background before you read on, as you should rightly be asking why I feel qualified to make these bold statements:

Proven leader with impeccable 25 year track record on an international basis in both military (Coldstream Guards) and blue chip commercial environments (Ernst & Young, Swire Group, Rawlinson & Hunter, Kanoo Group).
Former British Army officer, Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) with board level career in managing family owned businesses and the transition of family wealth.
Sports mad adventure seeker.
Happily married for 20 years [to my life coach!] with two teenage boys.

. . .